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Create Your Own Publishing Empire or Just Read Others

Do you know about Scoop.It? I’m guessing you may not and it’s a shame, it’s well worth the look. – it’s a content curation site.

Now before you wander off thinking that sounds boring… think again.  Scoop.It and other content curation websites and services are an enormous resource and for the most part, are totally free.

Why would I bother with yet another information source when I have the whole internet, hear you ask?

  • The short answer is – someone else has done all the searching, the reading and the sorting for you and put it all together in one place – like a magazine just on the topic you are looking for.
  • It will save you time, show you stuff you may probably have never found and you can search on just about any topic you can think of.

I’ve been slowly collecting a bunch of articles, info graphics and ‘stuff’ on social media for a while now and have recently come across one article that has a number of cool tips you may not (maybe) have discovered for yourself.

Little tips and tweaks are always good value don’t you think?  Hope you find something useful or fun you didn’t know – share with your friends and family – they will think you are amazing!

To read more of my curated social media stuff you can find my publishing empire over at – there is a lot of great stuff I think you will enjoy. Love to hear your thoughts.
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