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The Gatehouse at Beechworth has been transformed into a fantastic self contained holiday accommodation for up to 14 people!

There is an historically significant patch of land here in Beechworth that contains the former 'May Day Hills' mental asylum buildings and all the associated buildings that go along with such a facility.

It also contains the most amazing gardens and huge trees.  It's worth a visit and taking some time to wander around and just soak up the atmosphere.

I was lucky enough to be asked to take on the Web Design process and create the website for this new business venture The Gatehouse at Beechworth

The Gatehouse at Beechworth Large Holiday Accommodation

Project Elements

The owners are keen cyclists and the place is set up to take care of the bikes and all the associated stuff needed for cycle tourism - secure and tucked away so as not to get in the way of their great building.  It was great to see the place transformed - it was a bit 'tired' and a party was held to introduce it to the world and let them know they are open for business.  A great success all round.

Val and Lee were excellent to work with and have taken a very proactive role in ensuring their site is effective by taking the option of a Web Care package to make sure the site stays top of it's game.  It's wonderful to know that they not only trusted me to design their new website but that they are keen to let me help take care of it into the future.


Sometimes a friendly chat can make all the difference.

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