Weekly Website Maintenance Checklist Infographic

checklist of weekly maintenance tasks for your website infographic

Website Maintenance Checklist Getting on top of all the administration, staffing and marketing  tasks that have to be done for your business can be quite a chore.   If you are anything like me, unless it’s written down or I can delegate it to a specialist, it won’t get done.  Thank goodness my accountant likes…

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Who is Maintaining Your Website?

Website maintenance and security, look up over computer screen

So. Who have you got maintaining your website? I ask this question quite a lot. Sadly, too many people don’t have an answer because they don’t really understand what it is I’m asking. Not because they’re stupid mind, but because they don’t realise they’re supposed to have someone doing this for them. Maybe I should change…

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Web Design | The Gatehouse @ Beechworth

The Gatehouse at Beechworth Large Holiday Accommodation

The Gatehouse at Beechworth has been transformed into a fantastic self contained holiday accommodation for up to 14 people! There is an historically significant patch of land here in Beechworth that contains the former ‘May Day Hills’ mental asylum buildings and all the associated buildings that go along with such a facility. It also contains…

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Password Security Simple Do & Don’t

Password Security hand holding spy glass looking for code

Password Security – Do This. Don’t Do That. Just hearing the word ‘Security’ can be enough to send a lot of people running for the hills! It doesn’t have to be that way though and the goal of this post is to arm you with what I think is important but fairly simple information to…

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Connecting Rural Business Women Conference

Responsive Web Design Project for Connecting Rural Business Women Conference

I first met Karen and Trish a couple of years ago when I attended the Connecting Rural Business Women Conference in Beechworth. The energy, commitment and enthusiasm they bring to organising this event is awe inspiring. The quality of the speakers and the workshops available is outstanding. I was delighted to be able to help…

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Without Content You Have No Business

Taking a step along the content marketing pathway

The rise and rise of social media and  it’s role in business is something to behold. Not since the arrival of business websites for EVERYONE has there been such an impact – add to that the amazing impact of the mobile smart phones on search and I think most people can see that just having a…

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Web Design | Amanda Meditation

Website Home page Amanda meditation Sydney NSW - Web Design Project

Some people are just so easy to work with! Amanda contacted me to see if I could help her deliver her vision – a website that reflected her meditation business and herself.  She was very clear about what she wanted, the feel of it was really important to her. We talked on Skype, she emailed…

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How To Write a Blog Post using WordPress

Business blogging with wordpress

6 Basic Elements  to Writing a Blog Post Whilst writing a blog post is not rocket science there are some important things that can impact on how well it works for you.  How you approach writing the post will depend on whether this is a business post, a community post, a political rant… you get the…

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Your Own Publishing Empire | Content Curation

Newspapers are not the only publishing empire

Create Your Own Publishing Empire or Just Read Others Do you know about Scoop.It? I’m guessing you may not and it’s a shame, it’s well worth the look.  Scoop.it – it’s a content curation site. Now before you wander off thinking that sounds boring… think again.  Scoop.It and other content curation websites and services are…

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