Big Hearted Project Flow

The Brief

Questions are key to this phase of the process and will help us get to the heart of things.   I want to dig deep to find out exactly what your needs are, how they relate to your business goals and objectives and how I can develop the perfect solution. 

The Sitemap

In order to make sure everything you need for your site is in place, I'll create a simple sitemap so that the picture we are all seeing, is the same.  This saves a lot of time later in the process.  

The Prototype

The very best way to understand how your site can work is to look at it.  If a project is especially complex I'll build an interactive prototype so you can see rather than hear about the solution I propose.  It's not pretty but once again, its the very best way to save time and get on the same quickly. 

The Design

This is the fun, creative stage of the project that I love.  I get to bring the ideas to life and bring colour and movement to our prototype.  Now the site will start to look and feel like your business.  

The Delivery

This is where we hit the big red button and bring your project to the world.  There will be a lot of monitoring to make sure everything is working as it should but now you can tell the world about your brand new site.  We will have to talk about keep it all nice and shiny and working well for the longer term but for now you can break out the champagne.

Not quite sure yet?

Why not visit our contact page, we would love to chat with you!