Without Content You Have No Business

The rise and rise of social media and  it’s role in business is something to behold.

Not since the arrival of business websites for EVERYONE has there been such an impact – add to that the amazing impact of the mobile smart phones on search and I think most people can see that just having a website (no matter how good) is just not enough anymore.

In order to fully participate and really engage with your market the stakes have certainly been raised.

Enter Content and Content Marketing

  • Content as education and information.
  • Content as relationship builder
  • Content as entertainment with a business purpose – once only the realm of the movie companies.
Courtesy of: B2B Infographics

Things have changed so rapidly and so irreversibly that many of the old ways have had to really re-invent themselves.

Keywords (use and research ) and SEO have undergone fundamental shifts and evolutions to make them much more in tune with the human users of the information on a site – where once they were very firmly pitched to the search engines.

Images and video have become all powerful and require their own optimisations to ensure they are recognised and capitalised upon.

  • There is a real art to this stuff and getting it right can make all the difference.
  • The use of images has become an issue in terms of copyright and finding good quality images that you can use freely has become easier.  Stock images are everywhere – it’s a visual feast!

To get the very best from your website, your social media resources and your content there is a path you must follow.  It has a number of important components which are clearly outlined in the great infographic I found on at THE SEEN – they have an amazing resource on their site.

This infographic provides you with a clear map to follow. No it doesn’t give you all the steps, help you with the roadblocks, the choices, the decisions and tasks involved, but it does clearly give you the whole game plan.

Some of this stuff you will already have in place.  You might be full of ideas about how to get started and what you need to do today so you can identify the gaps and start making your content marketing plan.

Setting the Goal – Choosing and Knowing the Audience – Creating a Content Plan – Optimising EVERYTHING – Rinse and Repeat.

This is the Path to Content Marketing


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