To get the ball rolling, we both need a few things in place.

What I need

What You Need

Quality information

To make the information gathering process easier for both of us and to get of off to a flying start - I've developed the Big Hearted Business Questionnaire!

The questionnaire will give you an opportunity to tell me about your business

  • What you hope to accomplish as a result of the project - goals
  • Other information needed to get clarity around timing, budgets and expectations.
  • The answers you give will help me better understand your business and help me deliver a great solution that meets your needs.


Goals & Objectives

It's important that you know what you are trying to achieve.  
Otherwise, how will we know when we get it just right?
It's always great to have win!


I will need your time and energy throughout this project.  I will want to meet with you, talk on Skype, have you review and revise as we go along.  You will want to provide me with content and all of that will take your time or the time of your team. 

Time - do you have it?


An Audience

It takes a longer term view to generate new customers and clients online.  If you don't already have an audience then you must be prepared to invest the resources it will take to do it.  

Quality content is the best way to achieve this and ... it takes time.

A Budget

If you are serious about creating something that puts your business in the best possible light - you are going to need a realistic budget.  I don't work for the promise of referrals and I don't cut corners to do things on the cheap.  

Treat this as an investment and we'll have a lot to talk about.

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