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I believe if you approach things from the heart then magic can happen!

Cate Ferguson, Digital Business Consultant, Beechworth, North-East Victoria

Cate Ferguson, Digital Business Consultant and owner, DreamCatcher Marketing

I live in lovely Stanley in NE Victoria and I am lucky enough to work from home.  It's amazing to be able to work from home and at the same time be always meeting and working with people who love their business and have a plan for it.

On top of that I've got great contacts locally and have a strong band of other digital professionals to draw upon their wisdom and skills when I need to

When I'm not working on your projects, I'm busily working in my garden, hanging with family and friends.

I hope to get to talk to you soon about your big ideas, plans and dreams.

Working with big hearted business owners since 2012.

  • It's always exciting to speak with people like you who are looking to work with someone to put the right things in place,  to get your business right where you want it.
  • Together, we can design a strategy to help you achieve your business goals. Whether it's as simple as tweaking what you have already put in place, or starting from scratch and taking it step by step to make sure everything we do helps you build a strong profile for your business.

Being able to provide the right solution for your needs is my big hearted reason for doing what I do.

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It doesn't matter what your question might be - ask it anyway. Drop me a line and we can have a chat about your big hearted business.
Digital Business Consultant Badge - WPE Certification - Cate Ferguson

I take my role as an adviser to your business very seriously.

As a result I'm always looking to improve the services I can offer and keeping up-to-date on trends.  Ongoing education is central to being able to give you the very best tactics and strategies to support your business goals and objectives.

When I am not working on amazing projects for people you can often find me working on some of my other favourite projects - in the garden - walking the dogs - sipping great coffee at my favourite place in town.